Shipping & Returns

CONDITIONS FOR SHIPMENT (at this time for Bulgaria only)

1. The ordered products are delivered on the appointed by the customer address for delivery.
2. When the option “cash on delivery” is chosen, the customer is obliged to pay the products to the bearer at the moment of delivery.
3. The ordered products are delivered properly packed concerning their mode with the InTime couriers
4. If the customer does not provide access and conditions for delivering of the products on the appointed address, “Edoardo Miroglio EOOD” has no further obligations for completing the ordered delivery.
5. The transport expenses equal 5 leva per cardboard box (1 cardboard box = 1-6 bottles), if nothing else is stated, are paid from the customer at the moment of delivery, together with the price of the products.


1. A customer ordered a product with the e-shop “Edoardo Miroglio EOOD” and received it with a courier, has the right to refuse the delivery of the order, or a part of it, after it has been delivered to him/her in one of the following cases:
– the product or its package are damaged when transporting;
– the preliminary specified period of shipment is not kept;
– the delivery is obviously not matching the order;
– the price does not match the offered one;
– claims for the foregoing cases are made only at the moment of delivery;
The customer does not have the right to reject the delivery and payment of the order, beyond the above-mentioned cases. Otherwise the customer owes payment of the incurred expenses for delivery and return of the products to the supplier.